We believe in honouring people and empowering communities through ethical practices and sustainable jobs

The I am Loved Collection was created to honour the people wearing these designs and those who make them. 

From the beginning, we decided to invest in producing the collection locally in Cape Town, South Africa. This wasn't the easy path, but it was the conscious choice to make, as we choose to enrich community over the constraints. 

to truly create a movement of love, there has to be love and care from the moment of creation

Our intention for the designs are “to make women feel beautiful and valued”. We have woven this value into the garments by intentionally creating pieces with a woman’s body and comfort in mind. 

This value also extends to the suppliers that we work with to bring the garments to life through the pattern making, cutting, sewing and embroidering. 

Over 15 pairs of hands have lovingly touched each piece throughout the making of and packaging process, all imparting care and compassion. 

There has already been so much love conveyed through each item and our hope is that each person wearing the collection continues to spread love in their spheres.

investing in the present and future of south african manufacturing

We have partnered with suppliers in South Africa who also champion their employees, the source of fabrics and the products they help to produce. 

Our garment makers are based in the community of Lavender Hill. This is where the pieces are cut, assembled and sewn together. The pieces are then transported to the embroidery facility in Woodstock.

The fabrics and finishes have all been sourced locally and from the African content.

As the collection grows in production numbers we will continue to expand our operations in Cape Town, by creating more jobs, continue bringing resources and expertise to further equip the ladies in production.