We believe in honouring people and empowering communities, the I am Loved Collection was created with this core value in mind. Our aim is to create meaningful pieces, garments that have been created from purpose for the purpose of changing mindsets about what your clothes really mean. 

The responsibility of creating something sustainable extends beyond the environment into communities. Longevity, ethics and purpose are at the forefront of the conscious practices within the business. In choosing to wear this collection you are partnering with us to continue putting people and the planet first.  

Not Tested On Animals

Job Creation

Clothing is manufactured in South Africa to uplift communities through the creation and supporting  existing 

Not Tested On Animals


Our sourcing, design, production and packaging have been consciously chosen to be better options for the planet

Natural Ingredients


We provide resources to The Unlimited Child, which supports early childhood development in South Africa, unlocking potential

Natural Ingredients


We are on the journey of an inclusive collection. Currently our hang tags have braille and we aim to post accessible content


when individuals are valued, communities are changed

We believe in creating sustainable growth and futures, which is why we value the individual, the catalyst to communities changing. The collection supports existing jobs in the textile industry and has also been structured to create new opportunities for individuals as we collectively grow.

Contrary to sentiments the South African textile industry is competitive on a global scale, especially for companies that are choosing ethical manufacturing processes. 

Current mass consumer behaviour in favouring fast fashion has continued to have a negative impact on the people making clothes. In South Africa this has had a direct correlation to less people being employed, due to the local textile industry not being able to compete with the cost of the cheaper imports. Around 80,000 people are currently employed in the manufacturing sector, this number was double a decade ago. 

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, with over 1 in 3 people projected to be unemployed. Growing the textile industry will contribute to gender equity as 4 out of 5 people employed in the manufacturing sectors are women.

We endeavour to support job creation and the sustainability of careers within the textile industry of South Africa, whilst partnering with companies who value their employees. This approach may be counter cultural for the fashion industry, however we choose to honour people and communities


sustainable futures are built by the decisions we make today

We understand that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters and taking an ever increasing toll on the environment. People are buying more clothes and wearing them for less time, quantity has been placed above quality. This is why we choose to be a part of the slow movement, by creating quality garments that are kinder to the environment and people.

The I am Loved Collection was designed to be worn for many years, so you can continue to wear your favourite pieces over and over again. The collection consists of classic and versatile pieces, that can be layered or stand on their own as they endure through the seasons. 

For the garments to last over time, quality fabrics have to be used. Sustainable fabrics aren't only the better choice for the environment, but also for durability. We use 100% organic cotton and eco-satin throughout the collection, whilst the packaging uses recycled materials creating a full circle approach to sustainability. 

By producing the styles in Cape Town we are also able to be in control of the manufacturing supply chain, by overseeing the creation of the garments and labour processes. We try to infuse value into every seam through thoughtful design and conscious creation, so you can proudly wear lovingly crafted clothing.

We know that is an honour to steward what we have well, and endeavour to continue learning and refining, our hope is to inspire others to do the same.


unlocking Children's potential through early learning

We partner with The Unlimited Child and have had a relationship with the organisation through Catherine Deane for over a decade. Their initiative in South Africa supports early childhood development (ECD) of underprivileged children. The unique model has made over a million South African children school ready. 

Many communities lack the infrastructure, skills and resources for quality ECD, which leads to parents having to place their children in untrained childminding facilities. These early years are so important for the development of a child's future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. ECD could be the difference in breaking cycles of poverty. 

The Unlimited Child unlocks the potential in existing creches by training and coaching the childminders to become skilled play-based ECD practitioners. Assistance is also given in transforming the spaces into fully-functioning ECD centres. Through providing skills training, age-appropriate kits and resources children are prepared to be school ready as early literacy and numeracy are interwoven into play. The children are then able to build an understanding and awareness for these skills, transforming their lives for the future. 

100% of profits for the Sophie T-shirt will go to The Unlimited Child, as we too believe in the importance of empowering communities through education, skills, opportunity and resources. 


inclusive design to honour and build empathy

Every person deserves to be loved, regardless of their circumstances. Spreading love is a universal message that we want as many people as possible to experience. As a brand we are journeying towards the inclusive design space, where people with disabilities are considered and inform the design process.

Through consulting with the Cape Town Society for the Blind, we have included braille onto our hang tags. It has been so important to create a design that enables people with visual impairments or disabilities to experience the core message of the collection, which simply is the truth of "I am Loved". Uncontracted (grade 1) braille with a double spacing has been used, translating each individual print letter and letter case into a braille sign. 

We have also created accessible media for the collection, as our campaign videos have got voiceovers for the visually impaired and captions for the hearing impaired. Our aim is to continue creating accessible content as the brand continues to grow and more people become a part of the community.

The heart behind creating accessible designs is to include and value people that are often overlooked, whilst creating an awareness for these same populations. 

We are consistently learning more about how disabilities effect people's lives, and will continue to evolve our practices over time.

clothing with you, the people who make them and the planet in mind